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Do I Need a Realtor?


If you are reading this material, you should strongly consider calling us. We can not possibly cover everything that may come up during your transaction.

However, If you can do all of the following, you can consider selling your home by yourself:

  • Prepare property for viewing by Prospective Buyers
  • Prepare a market analysis & suggestions for staging
  • Market Property to thousands of agents
  • List Property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so that all agents can bring buyers
  • Make your advertising available on at least 6 major internet sites within hours
  • Pay for Advertising
  • Answer calls from realtors wanting to list your property
  • Answer calls from prospective buyers (Only a few are qualified)
  • Review contract presented by buyers (if they write one)
  • Explain Lead Based Paint Laws, Pool Safety Laws, Contract Law as related to Real Estate in Arizona
  • Open an Escrow and order Title Report
  • Be available for house buyer inspections
  • Be available for house termite inspections
  • Negotiate requested repairs
  • Complete agreed upon repairs or arrange to have them done and be available when repair people arrive
  • Assist buyer in getting financing
  • Be available for Appraiser
  • Work with lender to get loan documents ready
  • If for any reason you are NOT comfortable with any of the above,
    CALL US at 480 216-6779.

    One more thing to think about. If you sell your home yourself, the buyer will likely expect to have you "share" the money you are "saving". In other words you'll be paying them to buy your house and you'll be doing the work the real estate agents would have handled for you. .... Think about it! Is that what you want?


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    Tempe, Arizona 85281
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